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The Mouth Strap - Preventing for Mouth Breathing (Health and Beauty)

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  • The Mouth Strap is designed for those who breathe through mouth during sleep.
  • Finds relief from snoring / Puts a stop to dry mouth / Prevents a saggy and unhealthy looking face
  • Simply wear the mouth strap on your chin and hook the strap around the ears
  • Comfortably supports your jaw while sleeping / It is handmade by professionals. / extremely lightweight / Adjustable Strap / One size fits all / Made with 100% Cotton for Skin
  • The Mouth Strap is the ideal solution to prevent mouth breathing during sleep.

There are three main parts to the Mouth Strap. The “Chin Supporter” which supports the chin from the bottom and the “Upper and Lower Strap” which holds the upper and lower lips comfortably in place. By preventing you from opening your mouth and breathing through it, these three parts of the Mouth Strap aid you in breathing properly through your nose. The Mouth Strap facilitates the closing of the mouth while you are asleep, enabling you to breathing safely through your nose. The material of the Mouth Strap that makes skin contact is made from 100 percent cotton and thus very safe for skin contact. Mouth Strap!!! Say goodbye to sleepless nights when you get the Mouth Strap. This simple apparatus is shaped like a mask with straps that you fasten around your ears. Sometimes the mouth unconsciously opens during sleep; the Mouth Strap facilitates the closing of the mouth while you are asleep, enabling you to breathe safely through your nose. Nose breathing is healthy breathing! Better Sleep at Last If you’re looking to get better sleep at night, you would benefit from a Mouth Strap. Good sleep is one of the keys to healthy living. The Mouth Strap can be a part of keeping you healthy, so order one today! Advantages of breathing through your nose Breathing through nose is vital to healthy living. The Nose provides filtration, sterilization, humidification or dehumidification, and warming of the air breathed in to protect the lungs. It also protects the body from harmful gases allows for the lungs to extract the maximum amount of oxygen from inhaled air.

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