Rutaesomn – Natural Acting Sleep Aid that Removes Caffeine


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Rutaesomn - Natural Acting Sleep Aid that Removes Caffeine (Health and Beauty)

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  • 1. Active ingredient is 99.6%+ pure rutaecarpine, normally found in the evodia fruit
  • 2. Safe and Effective – greatly reduces caffeine levels, no reported side effects
  • 3. Can be taken with other sleep aids like melatonin and diphenhydramine
  • 4. Does not have antihistamine related side effects like other popular sleep aids
  • 5. Created and recommended by pharmacists.

Rutaesomn (root-uh-som) Kicks Caffeine Out

One cup of coffee (or 100 mg of caffeine) stays in your system for 10-15 hours. So, two cups of coffee in the morning is like drinking a half-cup right before bed. Along with caffeine’s natural stimulant effects, it can stop the release of your body’s natural melatonin. Rutaesomn simply speeds up the body’s naturally occurring enzyme that metabolizes caffeine.


Take one capsule 2 – 4 hours prior to bed to kick the caffeine out. Rutaesomn can be taken with other sleep aids like melatonin and diphenhydramine.

How Does Rutaesomn Work?

Rutaesomn temporarily speeds up the naturally-occurring enzyme in your body that breaks down caffeine. Kicking caffeine out allows for a restful sleep without the lingering stimulant effects of the day’s caffeine in your body.

Where Does Rutaesomn Come From?

The active ingredient in Rutaesomn (rutaecarpine) was found in the Evodia fruit by a pharmacist team and their alma mater, University of the Pacific Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy. They spent two years of laboratory research and exhaustive reviews on existing studies of rutaecarpine and its effects.

Based on FDA conversion dosing recommendations, they created Rutaesomn at a purity and dose that increases the activity of the naturally occurring enzyme that breaks down caffeine in your body. They also avoided doses in existing studies with different pharmacological effects. Caffeine reduction starts at two hours and peaks at four hours. This is why it is important to take Rutaesomn two to four hours prior to bed.

The Breakdown

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