Dreamcatcher Quiet Sleep Mask Pillow



  • Patented sleep mask sound block pillow lets you sleep in style, anywhere, any time. Made in USA.
  • Converts to simple or attachable pillow for reading or watching TV, or to a muff. Velcro adjustable.
  • Large eye mask and sound blocking pillow. 100% cotton touches your face. Colorfast, washable.
  • Secret sealable HiPockets hide $, jewelry, meds, credit cards, alarm watch for personal wake-up.
  • Praised in Washington Post, and other national publications and television as a revolutionary sleep aid.

The original sound-muffling sleep mask. invented in a dream in 1998, USA utility patented in 2000 (6,088,836). It’s the only legitimate sleep mask pillow combo that actually contains sound blocking material. Don’t be fooled by cheap copycats. The inventor of the Dreamcatcher, sleeping on a sailboat in 1998, awoke while dreaming of a pillow wrapped around his head. He quickly sketched the idea, made samples, and patented his dreamed-up triple-sensory inhibitor. This new ocean blue suede model is dubbed Dreamcatcher, because it is a dream that was caught up into the real world. Travel experts from The Washington Post, Arthur Frommer’s Budget Travel Magazine, The Philadelphia Inquirer, and many others have praised this sleep-mask sound-blocking pillow, and thousands of people are now being helped by it. We are proud of this improved Dreamcatcher – with beautiful deep ocean blue suede outside, 100% natural breathing cotton that caresses your face inside, and secret pockets that hide more than a money belt, including credit cards, and even IPhones. Dreamcatcher is a mask, pillow, money belt, and more – indispensable for the serious traveler – and a durable asset for rest at home, work or anywhere between. A light chin strap keeps Dreamcatcher on your head and in place all night. Our cool cotton lining will not bleed color or chemicals onto your skin or bedding. We also do not resell returned sleep masks, so be sure you will receive one that has not been in contact with an unknown person’s skin. THE DREAMCATCHER BLOCKS SOUND – BUT NOT ALL SOUND. The patented Dreamcatcher pillow contains a large area of sound blocking material, and reduces more sound than any other sleep mask. The combination of light and sound input reduction, along with the soft pillow, lulls you gently into deep slumber. Find free soft high quality earplugs in the secret HiPockets for super sound blocking if needed. Dreamcatcher is the World’s best sleep mask.

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