ATENTED Sleep Apnea Bed Wedge System. 39″ wide by 30 ” deep and up to 45 degree adjustable inclination. Electric air pump included.


  • Only bed wedge to earn the Orthopedic Research Institute’s Seal of Approval due to its patents and versatility to give you a “good night’s sleep” enjoying high torso inclination like hospital beds.
  • Its versatility lets you change inclination angles according to your changing daily/weekly health and recovery needs.
  • Helps gravity to: Keep stomach acids down for your esophagus to heal naturally (acid reflux) and airways open for better night’s sleep (sleep apnea, sinusitis, allergies, etc.). Also drains/heals any torso surgery area faster.
  • Provides torso inclination from 15 to 40 degrees for maximum comfort. Helps with acid reflux, sleep apnea, snoring, allergies, sinusitis, pregnancy reflux, surgery recovery and other health issues.
  • This ‘extra-wide’ model is for very heavy and obese persons who need the extra width. See the C+30 that is 30 inches wide at a lower cost.

The C+39 is PATENTED to give you a new level of comfort using gravity to help with many health issues. >>>ADJUSTABLE level of torso support and inclination to provide you a good night’s sleep. >>>39 INCHES WIDE AND 30 INCHES DEEP to keep you inclined on the wedge all night long without feeling you will “fall off the edge” as with narrow foam wedges. >>>STEEP TORSO INCLINATION (like hospital beds) is highly recommended by doctors for acid reflux, GERD, sleep apnea, sinusitis, allergies, upper body surgery recovery, hiatus hernia, pregnancy reflux, infant reflux, and others. >>>THE ‘EXTRA-WIDE’ C+39 is 39 inches wide (half the width of a king bed) and is recommended for those who toss & turn excessively and for obese persons who need the extra width. >>>THE C+30 IS 30 INCHES WIDE (sister product), which is half the width of a queen bed, costs less than the C+39 and recommended to most people. >>>EXCLUSIVE AMAZON PRODUCTS. The C+30 and the C+39 are only sold on Amazon and not sold anywhere else (online or retail).

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