Asleep at the wheel


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There’s a new report out today highlighting the potential dangerous impact of sleep apnoea on drivers but it’s not just those with sleep apnoea who are at risk. Sleepiness has been implicated in as many as 20% of all road traffic accidents. Most of us have felt sleepy when driving late at night but if we’re feeling tired and sleepy during the day, our driving can suffer too. It doesn’t matter whether it’s 2pm or 2am. Sleepiness reduces reaction time,  vigilance, and alertness as well as our levels of concentration and our ability to make decisions.

Sometimes we don’t even realise we’re having problems sleeping but we do notice the impact that lack of sleep has on our daily lives – such as low energy levels, feeling a bit irritable or just feeling tired. These are our wake-up calls (sorry, unintended pun): if we experience any of these symptoms,  it’s worth taking some time to improve our chances of getting a better night’s sleep.

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