How To Sleep Soundly


How To Sleep Soundly: A Guide To Reducing Sleeplessness, Insomnia And Improving Sleep Quality.
This book is designed to help people with sleeplessness, insomnia, stress and anxiety challenges relax better and improve their sleep quality. The content in this book is based on the Sleepora Principles found in the comprehensive sleep improvement program of the same name. The book is full of practical tips and specially designed exercises. Plus the book includes free access to downloads including:
1. Bespoke Audio Tracks From The Sleepora Program
2. Printable Sleep Diary to use in conjunction with the book

By reading this book you’ll get a better understanding of the stages of sleep, how to reach deep levels of sleep and how to take more ownership of your sleep patterns. It is all written in a straightforward, easy to read way with simple diagrams, processes and insights every step of the way.
Once you’ve read the book you will not only have a better understanding of your insomnia problems (the probable root causes), but also how to reduce (and indeed eliminate) your symptoms of insomnia. This book gives you the tools to allow you to sleep more soundly.

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